Product Vision

In order to succeed, every product needs a clear vision, a sound strategy and an accessible roadmap. That's where we come in. Through product workshops, backlog creation and prioritization, we help you determine the outlines of your project.
Our product owners stand out in their design thinking mindset and their efforts to engage all stakeholders.

Product Analysis

Ever wondered how your product will conquer the outside world? Our business analysts sure have.
Together with both the business and its end-users, they define, analyze and document all the necessary product features and requirements.
Our business analysts have an outstanding user-centered approach. Their methodology is both collaborative and problem-solving, and they always aim to facilitate and align communications in the entire product team.

Project Coordination

​​Creating user-friendly digital products requires a lot of coordination throughout the entire process. That's where our experienced project managers come in. They will make sure you have nothing to worry about: they guide your business through every step of the process and support the project team in making the right decisions at the right time.


Who are we

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Want to work for us?

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Skilled and experienced

At Catcoon, we're an experienced team of Product Owners, Project Managers and Business Analysts. With backgrounds in user experience, technology, business, marketing, design and development, we are well aware of the gaps that exist between the disciplines involved and we make it our duty to fill them in. No more interdisciplinary miscommunications. It's extremely important that all stakeholders share the same product vision and that they understand each other’s point of view.

Our mission is to guide you through your digital project all the way.



How we think

Holistic & User-centered approach

At Catcoon, every project starts with a holistic and user-centered approach. In defining the vision, we find it very important to take into account all the relevant factors: user, context, business and the entire technological landscape.

We believe that is the only way to create sustainable digital products.

Once the vision is clear and the plan is laid out, our pragmatic approach allows us to build a prototype quickly and to start testing and iterating.

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